GI HONG INDUSTRY CO; LTD is an integrated textile company located in central Taiwan. We love to create beautiful fabrics with excellent performance and strong texture with our customers. Since our establishment in 1995, we have continued to invest resources in innovation and specialized in non-woven fabrics, stitch-bond non-woven fabrics, sheets, fabric linings, far-infrared ray fabrics. We can now meet the needs of customers for researching and developing any kinds of fabrics. With the long-term accumulation of experience combined with industrial innovation and professional textile technology, providing comprehensive integration services is our mission to establish a standard of excellence in precision production and complete processing. Every service ensures the success of our customers. Our company provides any kinds of distinctive fabrics and has a professional development team jointly research and develop various types of fabrics according to customized demands from our customers.

Company established. Specialize in non-woven fabrics, non-woven fabrics, stitch-bond non-woven fabrics, sheets, fabric linings, far-infrared ray fabrics in the early stage. With the needs of customers, we have developed far-infrared non-woven fabrics, striped bottom insole fabrics, hot-melt adhesives, adhesive-free multi-layer non-woven substrates, activated carbon, and insulation cotton.
Established GI HONG INDUSTRY CO; LTD in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, specializing in non-woven series related products and various kinds of shoe fabrics, inner fabrics, and industrial mesh fabrics.
As oil fluctuations aggressively, the original products became disastrous. To seek alternatives to it, the company has begun to research and develop new products, including exclusive fabrics, inner fabrics, and industrial meshes for shoes, namely, warp knitting, circular knitting, computer jacquard fabrics, and etc.
Begun to develop materials, such as fabrics, liners for hats (needle sew cotton, non-woven fabrics, and various non-woven paper letters).
Established PHU TUON SHOES MATERIAL CO; LTD in Long An Province, Vietnam. Specializes in the processing of various materials fitting, various fitting processing (waterproof membrane), stripping cutting processing, stripping processing, and etc.